Trend Report: Sweat chic..


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Until recentlywe hadthesweatshirtconnectwithmorecasualdress, especiallycombinedwith tracksuits and sneakers. Our favoritesweatshirttop ofour tracksuitthat sometimessleptwith it,is going tobecome verybigtrendthis winter.We’veseen itwearing itcelebritiesandfashion bloggersandwealreadylove.
Definitely sweatshirthascozyandrelaxedcharacter. It’scotton, softandwide enough. Idealgarmentwhenthet-shirtsare proving“littleinfront offall’s dew.Apartfromthe obvious,namelytowear itwitha tracksuit, you canput them with skirts even above dresses..

Where tofindgoodsweatshirt?

In the marketthere aremany typessweatshirt.Oversized, cropped,with largeprints, letters orcompletelysimple.Ifyou are considering buyingone, check firsthowyou wanttowear it, what…

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