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Jack Reacher is an American 2012 thriller movie which was firstly titled as “One Shot”. It is adapted from the novel of Lee Child’s One Shot. It is produced by Tom Cruise, Paula Wagner, Gary Levinsohn, and Dana Goldberg while it is directed and written by the same name Christopher Mcquarrie. The whole film was shot in the same location of Petersburgh and it stars such as Tom Cruise and Rosamund Pike to name a few. The film shooting started in the October of 2011 and took 4 months and ended in January of 2012.

The film had a budget of 60 million dollars but it wasn’t able to attract much crowd to the cinemas. It was one of the lowest grossing movies of Tom Cruise; however it still earned around 216 million dollars.

The film tells us about vigilant fuzz who does not care about the law or…

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