The 12 outfits of Christmas: A guide to festive fashion for 2013


The festive season is almost upon us. Which means dozens of Christmas get-togethers with friends we haven’t seen the rest of the year, hundreds of Christmas parties where competition for the best little black dress is positively vitriolic and thousands of cries of ‘I have nothing to wear’ as we pull every sparkly top we’ve ever bought from the bottom of our wardrobes.

Yes, it’s that time of year again when the mere mention of an impromptu festive tipple down your local sends you spiraling into despair/running towards your nearest Topshop. Why is it that we panic-buy glittery bodycon dresses every December yet still have nothing decent to wear when it comes to the big occasion?

Perhaps because everyone knows you have to have a figure like Miranda Kerr and all kinds of supportive/restrictive undergarments to look half decent in a bodycon frock.

The good news this winter is that…

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