Taylor Swift Sings With Bon Jovi & Prince William At Winter White Gala

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Taylor Swift may be an international superstar who regularly headlines stadiums. But when she gets a chance to sing “Livin’ on a Prayer” alongside not only a real live prince but Jon Bon Jovi himself, she turns into a dorky fan just like the rest of us–complete with awkward dancing. Watch below:

Of course, this wasn’t just any karaoke bar sing-along. Swift and Bon Jovi were among about 200 guests during the Winter White Gala, which was held last night (Nov. 26) at Kensington Palace. The Duke of Cambridge (a.k.a. Prince William) presided over the gala (though his wife, Kate Middleton, was not in attendance).

While evidence exists that William did sing along with Bon Jovi, reports that he was also twerking have not yet been confirmed.

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Swift for her part was obviously excited about the experience and quickly shared…

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