Target is the best place for holiday season sales for Thanksgiving Day

Target is the best place for holiday season sales for Thanksgiving Day


Target Corporation is becoming one of the largest retailers in the United States and is opening up its holiday sales pretty early for Thanksgiving this year 2013. Target Corporation based in Minneapolis is a retail showroom on discount that would be open as early as 8 pm on the holiday. The event falls on November 28th, which is one hour earlier than what it was at the previous year. Target stores would remain completely open throughout the night and is planning to close only by 11 pm, on the day that is after thanksgiving on November 29th. Based on the competitive landscape and sentiment among the shoppers of target, the company has decided the prompt timings for the superstore, to serve its customers the best way possible.

Target is also planning to run a number of deals at its online stores as well online, for its thanksgiving sales and would include all of the deals that are available at its retail stores. Target coupons would be applicable on all its sales, to offer the best price on all of the products it leases to its customers. The discount showroom has also said that it would again feature a 15 day online only daily discount scheme for two weeks after Thanksgiving Day and would stream up to November 24th. The goal of this sales is to allow customers to shop the way they want and on Friday after thanksgiving, that is on Black Friday would be the best kickoff on the holiday season and the stores would be open on this day from 5 am or 6 am in the morning, to serve the retail customers who wish to shop only at their retail showrooms.

Despite of all this, there is also enough pressure on the retailer this year, because it’s not just the gap between Christmas and thanksgiving would be shorter than what it was in the year 2012 and target is also coupling its regular sales items with discounts as high as 30% for its retailers. Target coupon codes 30% off codes are available over the internet and at to enhance cost discounts for the customers.


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