The Paradise- a Mini Series Review

Over The Backyard Fence

paradise_2349465bI’ve been watching a mini-series on Masterpiece on PBS for the last six weeks or so. It’s called The Paradise. It takes place in London in the 1800s and the Paradise itself is a store in the city. The protagonist is a young girl named Denise and she moves to the city to live with her uncle who is a dressmaker. He doesn’t have enough work for her so, she gets a job at the store across the street from his place.

She’s a great success at the work and with her ideas, she helps to make the store a success. Along the way, there’s some drama with jealous workmates and a man who disappears after causing some trouble in the store. There’s a sinister one-armed man who works for the owner, John Moray. Moray’s wife died in mysterious circumstances and he is now seeing a woman who’s father is…

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