Philippine Fashion Week


with the Buensalido Girls
My friend Trish works for Buensalido Public Relations (which handled media coverage for Fashion Week), so she was able to hook me up with an internship.  Thanks again Trish!
Trish and I (cropped)

First Day: Forgot my memory card.  Covered the Freego show -turns out this guy I dated was one of the models for the show (I thought that was funny).  Bumped into Mulawin (who once sold me 26 lipsticks and 8 eye pencils in one go) and Kris (a friend from fashion school).

photophoto (1)
Second Day: Started to feel useful…until I told the owner of the show to get off his own runway (Patti kept telling me it was okay, but I’ll never get over it)  On the plus side, I got to sit in the front row -a moment I found more thrilling than I care to admit.

It begins


Third Day:  In the morning I had a job interview for a part-time…

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