Pardon My Parisian

Mizzez Lola

“It’s all about being in sync with oneself . . . people shouldn’t be looking for a disguise through fashion.”  – Isabelle Thomas, author of Paris Street Style:  A Guide to Effortless Chic 

Parisian style originates from Paris, which is not only known for its beautiful architecture and exquisite cuisine, but also for their stylish and chic fashions.  Parisian style is nonchalant chic.  Impeccable yet simple.  Sometimes less is more.  Less make-up, less accessories, less . . . effort.  The key to achieving a Parisian style is to make your look effortlessly beautiful.  Wear basic and neutral colors.  Don’t try too hard.  Let yourself look a little “disheveled;” everything does not need to be in place.  Loosely pin up your hair, or wear it all down; tussle it around a bit.  Be yourself; be comfortable; be confident; and look classic and timeless.  Sometimes we all need a…

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