Personal Style: Fall Back

Nickel City Pretty

green shirt skinny jeans 1

Fall time!

So, I was really trying to boycott fall because I don’t feel like we got a true summer here in Buffalo, but now that the air is turning crisp and it’s getting close to apple-picking season, I’m embracing fall with open arms.

green shirt skinny jeans 3

I wore this outfit on Friday when I was hanging out with my mom for her birthday. It was cute and comfortable and the perfect outfit for running around and doing some shopping in.

green shirt skinny jeans 2

I bought these leopard print loafers last year, only wore them once, then I put them on again and now these aren’t leaving my feet until the snow flies. Are loafers still in style? We don’t know? Oh well, animal print will always be in style.

green shirt skinny jeans 4

And red lips during the day can totally be done, if they aren’t too overpowering. I’m wearing my absolute favorite red lipstick in the world, MAC…

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